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We are experts in Social Exchange™. We coach individuals, facilitate conversations, develop leadership capacity, deliver keynote addresses, and provide valuable books, articles, seminars, and online courses

Prepare, Uncover, Learn, Search, Explain

We are confident that as individuals develop their ability to understand one another through conversation, their organizational loyalty, feeling of belonging and connection to each other strengthens their group experience. Subsequently, personal and professional performance improves.

Would you like to become a certified PULSE Professional?

Below are just a few benefits of becoming a certified PULSE Professional.  Contact us today to learn more! 

  1. A PULSE Professional has the confidence and competence to calm a room by entering it.
  2. A PULSE Professional  knows how and when to intervene in a conversation for maximum effect.
  3. A PULSE Professional offers more than a mediator or a coach.
  4. A PULSE Professional can get you into or out of conflict in a way that honours everyone and creates sustainable results.
  5. A PULSE Professional sees the world through nine lenses and can translate those perspectives for others.
  6. A PULSE Professional creates an atmosphere of freedom and comfort in conversation.
  7. A PULSE Professional understands the essential elements of quality communication.
  8. A PULSE Professional acts like a sociologist, studying the space between people - not the space between their ears.

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